C.A.S. Kittens Seeking Homes up to 6 months old

 Our Kitten Policy

Please consider the following important points when thinking of adopting a kitten or kittens:-

  1. Many people enquire about homing a single kitten. Are you at work all day? If so, a single kitten would get very lonely, it may be better to consider a pair of kittens to keep each other company during the long day.
  2. Can you keep a kitten or kittens indoors until they have been spayed/neutered? If you have children, what are the practicalities of them keeping doors and windows closed? 
  3. Kittens become cats and can live to a ripe old age (up to 20 years at times) – it is a long commitment!
  4. Do you go away on holiday a lot – who will look after the cat or cats?
  5. Do you live on a busy road, or is the surrounding area very busy? If so, this is not an ideal place for a kitten to live – you may be better considering a ‘streetwise’ cat.
  6. Veterinary fees can be expensive and vary from vet to vet. As a guide, annual vaccinations can cost between £30-£50 each (kittens need 2 vaccinations when they are 9 and 13 weeks old). Spaying and neutering costs between £65-£85 per kitten. Check with your local vet for their tariff. Feeding a cat will cost you a minimum of £7 per week. Your cat will also need regular flea and worm treatment.
  7. We generally do not home kittens to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available..

These guidelines are for the best interests of the cats and also the new owners– remember that happy cats make happy cat owners!

Please note that a minimum donation of £90 for un-vaccinated kittens (usually under 10 weeks) and £40 extra for fully vaccinated kittens is required (£20 per vaccination). This enables the charity to carry on helping the many cats that are referred to us for re-homing.

Please do not send emails in regard to adoption. Thank you.

This page contains kittens looking for homes that are up to 6 months old. For kittens above this age please refer to Cats Seeking Homes page.

Georgina's Kittens
Georgina's kittens are 4-5 month old friendly kittens that are currently looking for their forever homes in pairs together. They are looking for a home with outdoor access to a private secure garden away from busy roads.

There are two kittens left from the litter looking for a home together - one shorthaired black female (Greta) and one black shorthaired male Gustav. Both kittens have had a full vet check, a full course of vaccinations and will be micro-chipped.
If you can offer a home to this pair of adorable kittens, please complete the online application here.
(Posted 09/08/21)

 PJ & Paladin and Simon & Theodore
These lovely boys are siblings and cousins that are aged between 5-6 months old and are looking for a home together in pairs.  They are very lively boys and always looking to get into mischief and chase each other around, although they do enjoy a fuss and a cuddle once they have run out of steam!  They have been in foster care for a long time now due to some stomach sensitivities which are now fully resolved, and are excited to find a new home that they can explore and play in.  They have not yet been outside so would be keen to explore the outdoors in a safe garden once they have settled and found their confidence.  We are currently looking to home them in the following pairs.
- PJ (black and white) & Paladin (black) shown in the photo together.
- Simon (black and white) and Theodore (black and white) in single photos.
All pairs are shorthaired cats and are used to living with other cats and dogs in their foster home.  They are all fully vaccinated, vet checked, and micro chipped and some of the larger boys have been neutered. 
If you are able to offer any of these energetic boys a home, please complete the online application form here.
(Posted 09/08/21 & updated 28/08/21)

 Meet Pearl, Barny ,Pebbles and Fred,
who are very lively 14 week old kittens. They are very friendly and very playful, they love company and will need someone who is about most of the day. Their first vaccination was given at the beginning of August and their second, at the end of the month or beginning of September.
Please read our kitten policy re adoption, they must be homed in pairs and not near a main road. As the kittens are so young they would not be suitable for very young children. When they are old enough they will require access to their own garden.
If you would like to offer them a loving home please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 10/08/21)

 Arthur & Guinevere born about 4th April 2021 
Guinevere is very shy but loves to play with any toy especially a feather on a stick and furry balls. She takes time to warm to other people but very loving when she knows you. Arthur is a sweet loving boy and follows you everywhere, He loves to play all the time 24/7 and never stops he loves to be stroked and brushed and very handsome. He is shy at first but once he knows you is very loving and affectionate. Both kittens are up to date with vaccinations. They will need a house or flat with a garden that they can explore eventually when old enough away from any main roads. No babies or small children please.
If you would like to adopt this loveable pair please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 18/08/21)
Is approximately 16-18 week old boy.
He was homed at only 6 weeks old and then passed from home to home.
When he came to us this was his 4th home and his next should be his forever home. Bear is so affectionate and loving more than any cat we know he loves to play all the time, loves to sit on your lap for fussing and he likes to sit on your shoulder or lie around your neck or chest and loves to watch tv with you holding his paw.
Bear likes to be touched and fussed all the time. He likes kisses and brushing, any manner of attention really. He can be homed with Guinevere and Arthur as he loves to play with the other kittens.
For further information please call Barbara on 07387 100718

Charlie & Albert Kittens
Charlie and Albert came to us on 30th June at only 2 weeks old. They have been bottle fed and they are coming along nicely. They have not yet had their vaccinations, but once they have had them and grown a little more they will be ready to be homed. 
They love playing as you can imagine. 
They love each other so much and can never be apart. They will need to be homed together. They are used to all the noises in the home and very well settled and socialized. They will need a house or flat with a garden to play in when they are old enough. No small children or babies please.
If you would like to offer them a home please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 18/08/21)

 Wilbur & Winifred
Wilbur (black male) and Winifred (black and white female) are a very special pair of 5 month old kittens that have overcome many challenges in their short lives so far. We rescued their mother Widget earlier this year who had been hit by a car and fractured her pelvis. Whilst Widget was recovering we discovered she was pregnant, but sadly due to her injuries she had complications giving birth and so had to undergo a C-section to safely deliver her 4 kittens. Although she was a fantastic mother, because she was originally a stray cat Widget was carrying a form of cat flu which sadly passed onto the kittens who became gravely ill for over two weeks and needed extensive supportive round the clock care. Miraculously they all survived the flu and have made a fantastic recovery. As part of the illness their eyes were badly infected, but luckily this has left no permanent damage to their eyesight, although Winifred does have one slightly cloudy eye.
After the ordeal of the traffic accident, the birth and the cat flu this brave pair are now looking for a home of their own so they can start the family life they deserve. They need no treatment or medication and despite being very poorly and needing lots of medications whilst they were ill they are super friendly and affectionate kittens and love to sleep on their fosterers bed each night. They are used to other cats and dogs.
They are looking for a home together away from busy roads with a very secure garden to play in when they are ready. We may also consider an indoor home if the circumstances are suitable.
If you can offer these special kittens a home and the love they deserve, please complete the online application here.
(Posted 28/08/21)

Cupcake, Cookie & Waffle


Cupcake (Tabby & White female), Cookie (black male) and Waffle (tabby male), where born into our care after we had trapped their heavily pregnant mum in a colony in Thornton Heath. This trio is looking for a home together, they have such a tight bond we don't want to separate them. They are very playful and will quite happily chase each other around until they are tired which is when they usually sleep together. They are 10 weeks old now and have had their first vaccination. They are looking for a home on a safe road with their own garden.

If you would like to offer this trio a suitable forever home fill in the form by clicking HERE.




This handsome chap is Solo and he is about twelve weeks old. He has had 1st vaccination and is very friendly as you can see from his picture. He was found in a garden as part of a colony all by himself. He was initially a bit shy but now loves nothing more than human company and to play with his toys. Solo would like company for a lot of the day and not be left for long periods of time. As he gets older he will need access to his own garden nowhere near a main road please. He would prefer a home with either just adults only or older children. If your would like to give Solo his new home please call Barbara on 07387 100718.

(Posted 04/09/21)