1. We do not home dogs to people living in flats.
  2. We do not home to people without gardens.
  3. Dogs need exercise and regular walks, regular access to a park would be a good idea.
  4. Dogs can be energetic, regardless of their size, so think about how able bodied you are before considering adopting a dog.

Please Note Enquiries to adopt a dog must be made by phone between 12 noon to 7.00pm.




Meet Stylo.  His owner had him from birth but unfortunately cannot keep him and he is now almost 5 years old. He is fine with people and children but doesn't like cats.  He has no health problems, is fully house trained and has a fixation with sticks.  He is house trained, knows basic commands such as sit etc, and eatts anything! Sadly he was attacked by another dog when he was a puppy so can react to other dogs but is generally not the aggressor.  He needs to restart his vaccinations and be neutered which can help with.
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 09/07/18)

Penny & Bella


Penny (female around 2 years old) and Bella (female around 6 years old) are Bichon Frise dogs looking for new homes.  They lived together with their owner, but sadly she was no longer able to keep them because she was unable to manage them alongside her other dogs.  Due to the owner's situation they were not walked very often and spent most of their time with her in the house. Penny and Bella were also unspayed, with Bella having being bred from, but we have now had this done, along with their vaccinations.  They are micro-chipped.

They are very friendly, get on with other dogs and love to go for walks.  As they were not used to being left alone and not walked they do suffer from some separation anxiety, which should improve if they find homes which meet their needs.  This means they need experienced, committed owners who are at home at least part of the day and can give them the love, exercise and attention they need.  They have currently been separated into temporary foster homes so we can assess them individually.  We will also provide free behavioural support to help them settle into a new home.

*** Alternatively if anyone can foster any of these dogs or offer dog walking to give our current fosterers a break, please get in contact.  All expenses will be covered by the Charity ***

Please call Barbara between 12pm and 7pm on 07387 100718.

(Posted 20/08/18 & Updated 29/11/18)

Louie is a loving 3 year old black neutered Labrador who arrived to us at a staggering 55kg in October when his owner suddenly passed away.  He was previously kept completely indoors and so has needed some training to learn about how to enjoy the outdoors and how to get along with new people and other animals.  He is currently with a fosterer who attends training classes with him, and ideally these should be continued.  He also now enjoys regular walks and has reached his goal weigh loss, and is now an ideal 35 kg.  Louie is looking for a home with a couple or a family with older children and is used to cats.  He can be very headstrong and needs an experienced owner who is around part or most of the day.
Please call Barbara between 12 and 7 p.m. on  07387 100718
(Posted 08/02/19)

Harry is 1 year old male Yorkshire Terrier cross and has been neutered, micro chipped and fully vaccinated.  He is a very friendly and energetic little chap, and gets on well with all other dogs, especially his playmate Pod.  He loves long walks and looks forward to a lap to sit on when he is done.  He is great with children, but not with cats. 
Please call Barbara between 12 and 7 p.m. on  07387 100718
(Posted 08/02/19)

Pod is 1 year old Beagle cross neutered male dog that came into us last October when his owners found him too much to cope with living in a flat.  He is a very well socialised and friendly dog and gets on well with all other dogs, but not cats.  As he has lots of energy he will need an experienced owner who can take a firm approach and continue with the training we have started with him.  Pod would not be suitable in a home with young children.
Please call Barbara between 12 and 7 p.m. on  07387 100718
(Posted 08/02/19)