Cats needing a home

How to adopt a Cat from CAS

If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, you must contact the fosterer, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, whose telephone number appears with the cats details. Please DO NOT send emails.

Please note we generally do not home cats to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are cats or kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our cats and kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a cat or kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available.


Lovely Sue has been living in a garden for the past year. Although microchipped we are unable to contact her previous owner. Sue would love someone to share the long winter nights with by a cosy fire. She is a calm and companionable cat. Sue is an older cat in good health. Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.

Poor Nelson was found with a terrible eye injury and has had to have his eye removed. It was also found that he is FIV positive. However he really does deserve to have some good luck for a change. As he is FIV positive and now has one eye he could be an indoor cat. He has only just come to us but he seems a gentle soul if a little nervous but that's understandable given the circumstances. Nelson has now been neutered as well. If you can offer him a loving home please phone Jean on 07923 972477 or 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 21/09/17)

Named after Oscar Wilde, who wrote the Picture of Dorian Gray, he is now enjoying a warm bed after roughing it outdoors as a stray. Oscar would be best homed as the only cat in an adult household. He will need a home with a garden on a safe road. . He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and is very slightly long haired. Please phone Anna on 07790337119.
(Posted 31/08/17)


Tibbs about 23 months old, is a boisterous chap and friendly, affectionate, and loves to sit on laps. He would be suitable in home with adults and, perhaps, older children. He would probably be happy to pal up with another cat of similar age and temperament. Tibbs has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. For more information on this handsome fellow call Gill on 020 8393 4421 or 07715 749336. If I am unable to answer please send a text and I shall get back to you.

(Posted 06/04/2017)

Strawberry is a young female tabby and white cat who came into us after their owner could no longer keep her.  She is very friendly and affectionate and likes to chat away to anyone who will listen, including the chickens!  She would love a new home with a garden away from busy roads, where she can play and explore.
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 15/04/17)

Poppy is a young tabby and white female around 6 months old.  She is extremely energetic and lively and spends most of the day climbing like an acrobat and chasing her catnip mice and toys.  She was originally kept as a flat cat but tried to escape several times from a high up balcony! She will need a home with a secure garden away from buy roads so she cannot get into mischief!
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 15/04/17)
Simba is a black and white male cat around 2 years old.  He was being fed in someone's garden after being left to fend for himself as a stray.  He is enoying having his own space, a comfy bed, and regular meals.  He is getting used to fusses and cuddles too.  He will need a home with a garden away from very busy roads.
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 12/06/17) 

Scottie was rescued as a stray where he had a hard life on the street and came into us with horrific wounds as you can see in the photo.  He is around 2/3 years old so he lost his kitten hood, but since being with us has learning to play again! Scottie has come on in leaps and bounds since arriving and is now an extremely loving, gentle cat and would make a great family pet ideally in a home with a garden.  He even jumps into his basket when asked to if he needs to travel anywhere! He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Please call Jackie on 07511 897012
(Posted 12/06/17 & updated 13/09/17)

This affectionate and calm young mother of approximately three years old will soon be looking for her forever home.  She came to us with three tiny kitten (details on kittens needing homes page).  One of the kittens has already secured a home but mother and two female kittens are in need of loving homes.  They can be homed separately,  in twos  or all three together. 
Please call Carol on 020 8651 3029 for further details.
(Posted 28/06/17)

Larry is a young male cat around a year old who came in with two others after their owner had been evicted and could not keep them.  He is settling in well and getting to know the routine and people and becoming more confident every day.  He is looking for a home with a garden away from busy roads and is used to other cats. 
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 04/07/17) 

Is a sweet purrey 7 year old lady who, abandoned by her owners, was living as a stray and being bullied by other cats.
She loves her food, comfy bed and catnip mouse.  Once Chewee finds her forever home without any other pets and with lots of tlc she will be very happy and a loving cat.  Chewee needs a house possibly adults only and a secure garden. Chewee really deserves a happy home with what she's been through. She is neutered and vaccinated. 
Please call Sharon on 07752 297584 or Jean on 07923 972477 or 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 04/07/17) 

Shona is an older female cat who loves a lot of love and attention.  Always happy to sit on a lap and have a stroke!  She's not too keen on other cats so is looking for a home where she will be the only resident.  She could be an indoor cat.
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 04/07/17) 

Petal, Blossom, Poppy & Heidi
A Mum (dark tortie) and her three babies which are all surprisingly girls!  These were all living outdoors fending for themselves and so were not used to people at all when they came to us.  They are slowly learning how to interact with people and are coming on well.  We would like to home them in pairs, and they will need owners who are used to nervous cats or are willing to be very patient with them.  They could be indoor cats, are used to other cats and also dogs!
Please call Sally on 020 8642 7108.
(Posted 04/07/17) 

Cheeky geezer Barnaby is very confident and full of chat so be prepared for plenty of meaningful banter. He loves a tight cuddle and letting you know all about his day. He has a beautiful big face and a tendency for getting very settled on a comfy lap. Despite the fact he's a young chap he's not into games and prefers to engage in lively debate and shows of affection. He has no time for other cats and would rather avoid their company.  He's looking for a home with a safe garden and stimulating chit chat opportunities. He's been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. Please call Sarah on 07963 694112 if you'd like to meet him (please leave a message if I'm unable to take your call and I'll get back to you as soon as poss).
(Posted 12/09/17)
Missy is 14 months old, is very verbal, and loves to be cuddled. She would love to have a home where she is the only cat. She has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please call Alexia on 07913 905674.
(Posted 14/09/17)

 Mo Mo



Meet cuddly Mo Mo, a male tabby and white boy around 1 year old.  He is extremely affectionate, calm and gentle and would make a great family addition.  Ideally he is looking for a home with a garden that he can play in and explore, away from busy roads.


Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 15/09/17) 

Ralph & Rosa
Ralph & Rosa are a mum (18 months) and son (1 year) who were living rough in Brixton on a busy road fending for themselves.  Rosa had a smaller litter of kittens with her which sadly were taken by seagulls, although we managed to save one (Tily on kitten page).  Although Ralph is more tolerant of people, Rosa is still very wary and not keen.  They would make good garden cats for someone that doesn't mind their cautiousness, or could be flat cats for an experienced cat owner who can spend the time socialising them. 
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 15/09/17) 

Matilda is a young female black and white cat around 1 year old who came into us after her owner, who was severely asthmatic, was unable to keep her any longer.  She is a very gentle and friendly cat and would make an ideal family pet.  She needs a home with a garden away from busy roads.
Please call Barbara on 07783 340854
(Posted 15/09/17) 

Big boy Nigel, plucked from a life on the streets, has succumbed to the softer side of life. He has discovered the delights of a soft bed which he shares with his foster mum.  He would love a home with a garden for the occasional wander and sun bathing. Nigel would prefer a quietish home with one or two adults. He has had all the appropriate things done at the vets and is ready to go to a new home. Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 04/10/17) 
Tuppence and Pickles
Meet Tuppence and Pickles - mother and son. They were found abandoned in a bin, starving but luckily someone saw them and gave us a call.Tuppence is about 15 months old and Pickles about 6 month of age. They are both really friendly and very attached to each other, so need a home together.
If you feel you can open your heart to these two delightful cats please call Jean on 07923 972477 or 020 8777 3065.
 (Posted 14/10/17)
This beautiful, young cat is a devoted mummy (see Yoyo and Cutie on the kitten page) though still a big playful kitten at heart herself. She is extremely people orientated and greets all visitors with delight. If you would like to find out more about Supermum, or can suggest a name to do justice to her lovely looks and fun personality, please call Liz on 01883 348256.
(Posted 16/11/17)