Cats needing a home

How to adopt a Cat from CAS

Contact the fosterer  - If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, you must contact the fosterer, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, whose telephone number appears with the cats details. Please DO NOT send emails.

Please note we generally do not home cats to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are cats or kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our cats and kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a cat or kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available. 

Cats and dogs adopted from Croydon Animal Samaritans come with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance - whatever their age!


We can also accept online cash and food / equipment donations via our Facebook Page ***  

Chloe, a fit fourteen year old, is looking for home having been given up by her lifetime previous owner who is suffering from cancer and can no longer care for her as she would wish. She is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She has a sweet and friendly nature and would like a home in a safe location with a garden.
Please call Jean on 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 30/03/2021)

 My friend Mikey is a fabulous lap warmer and loves a big cuddle in bed which is gorgeous although his snoring makes me giggle. He is great with my other cats but irks them by eating their food. He is a lovely friendly soppy boy and is looking for the right people to patiently settle him into a new home. He is scared of people he doesn't know and is a somewhat suspicious of change so you will definitely need to be experienced with shy cats and have a patient streak. It will pay off I can assure you.  He is also quite daft and finds chasing his tail very amusing.  Mikey is about 3 years old. He's been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped.  He is looking for a happy home away from busy roads and with a safe garden in which he can investigate things. He would be best placed in a home with one or two adults only.
If you have just what he's looking for and don't mind the snoring please call me, Sarah, on 07963 694112 (please leave a message if I'm not able to take your call - I may be in a meeting)
(Posted 02/05/2021)

Ollie and Kitty
Ollie and Kitty are brother sister, about 18 months old, who get on very well, often sleeping together but also happy to sleep in a place alone. They will initially be quite nervous in a new home but are very loving and friendly once over the initial move.  They were used to living with one older lady, so had a quiet life. They have been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If you are that special person out there willing to give this lovely pair their forever home please call Jaki on 07511 897012.
(Posted 01/04/2021)

Dear Percy is approximately 14 months old and for all his short life had been living as a stray! He has come on leaps and bounds with his fosterer, realising that to sit on a lap and be stroked and loved by a hooman is nothing to be frightened of but to enjoy! He is wary of people he doesn't know and will hide when visitors come. He will need someone with patience a quiet home a household with one or two adults that can give him the space that he needs at first and access to a garden. He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please call Jean on 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 04/05/2021)

Rosie is a gentle 11 year old tortoiseshell cat who has come from a family home.  Sadly her owner has passed away and she was given to us.
She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed and been loved for all of her life. She loves being around people as long as they are not too loud and enjoys lots of stroking, brushing and general fuss. However she likes to find a quiet spot in the sun to sleep and be left alone. 
She has never been with other pets and so needs to be in a home on her own. Rosie loves to wonder around her garden so will need her new home to provide one. She always lived on a very quiet road and doesn't have road sense so no main roads please.
If you would like to offer Rosie her forever home please call 07934 179234.
 Posted (06/05/21)

 Kai & King Fredrick
A few weeks ago CAS was contacted by a concerned neighbour about a pregnant cat she was feeding on an enclosed estate.  The neighbour explained the estate had a number of stray cats. Our volunteers quickly set up a number of traps, and after spending several hours on site trapped a further 3 pregnant cats, 4 kittens, 3 younger Tom cats and an older Tom cat. A total of 12 cats!  Ater a few weeks in our care, many of the cats and kittens have now found their forever home, with nearly all of the remaining pregnant cats having given birth.
Two of the adult cats trapped however are still looking for their forever home.
Fredrick (Right) is an older Tom cat, estimated to be between 8-10 years old. This gentle giant is the grandpa of the family and unfortunately had to have a number of his teeth removed on intake. His mouth has since healed nicely, however he does have an old injury to his spine, and an old break to his paw which are likely the results of an untreated RTA. Although he does have arthritis in his paw, he is not currently on any pain relief and copes well. However this may change as he ages, and he may need regular pain medication if it starts to become uncomfortable.
Kai (Left) is another boy that was also trapped from the colony and is estimated to be around 3 year old. Although a little unsure on intake, Kai has slowly started to come out of his shell. He enjoys having a head scratch, especially when dreamies are involved! Both have been neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated, and are looking for a home on a safe road with a garden without young children. They can be homed either as a pair or singularly. If you would like to offer Fredrick and/or Kai a suitable forever home, please ring Barbara on 07387100718
(Posted on 06/05/21)

Milo is a 2 and a half year old boy that arrived into our care after he was trapped from an industrial estate in Croydon last summer. Over lockdown the units had been closed. When the workshop finally opened up, workers discovered a mother cat, 4 kittens and 2 older cats had moved in. Our volunteers went to investigate and found that there was in fact a colony across the whole industrial estate! All the cats were promptly trapped and placed into foster homes, with our volunteers at present still returning regularly to ensure there are no more cats. Sadly, not everyone on the estate agrees with the neutering and spaying of the colony, which did initially complicate matters. Thankfully, with the support of local resident and staff from the shop, Milo and his family were trapped and brought into our care.
Milo was first place into a chalet at our rescue centre but after several months had not made the progress we had hoped, so was moved into a foster home. At CAS we rely on the one to one support fosterer homes offer, which allow us to take in and re-home cats like Milo! It took Milo a number of months before he learnt he could trust his foster mum, but once he did he realised strokes and attention weren’t too bad! He is a sweet boy that loves a cheek rub and will nudge into your hand for attention. He loves his food and treats, and rubs around his fosterers legs when he is hungry! Although Milo has developed into a very sweet cat who loves strokes, it has taken his fosterer several months. Because of this, Milo is looking for an understanding owner that is able to work with him at a patient pace until he is comfortable with them. Milo is looking for an indoor home with no young children. He is used to other cats but can be quite boisterous when playing! He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated. If you would like to offer Milo a suitable forever home contact his Fosterer Katie by emailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Posted 06/05/21)

Sam is a very handsome 8 year old fluffy boy. He is very friendly and used to living with people but not very young children.
He came in as a stray and had some issues with his teeth.  These have now been sorted and he is a much happier cat for it!
He is neutered, Vaccinated and microchipped and ready to find his new forever home.
He is used to a garden so will need access to this in his new home.
If you wish to offer him a new home please contact Jenny on 07552 706668
(Posted 13/05/21)

Marley came into are care after he was being picked upon by the other cats in his house, he is a lovely but shy 8 year old boy, fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. 
 He is very happy and loves to play with string or anything that is moved around in front of him to catch. He does like his own space though especially to have a nap in. 
 Marley is not a lap cat and is not overly keen on too much fuss and so his new family would have to 
  understand he needs his own space and time.  
For this reason he may not get on well with very young children who would not leave him alone. He has not met any dogs and due to his shyness we feel he should not be put with them. If you would like to offer Marley a new home.  
                                                                                Please call the advice line on 07934 179 234. 
(Posted 13/05/21)