Cats needing a home

How to adopt a Cat from CAS

If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, you must contact the fosterer, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, whose telephone number appears with the cats details. Please DO NOT send emails.

Please note we generally do not home cats to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are cats or kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our cats and kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a cat or kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available. 

Cats and dogs adopted from Croydon Animal Samaritans come with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance - whatever their age!


We can also accept online cash and food / equipment donations via our Facebook Page ***  


Spot, about a year old, turned up in a garden as a stray. He is a little shy and would benefit from being in a quite home no small children. He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718.
(Posted 24/06/2020)

Gracie, about 18 months old, was abandoned pregnant. She and her kittens are now ready for homing. She is very friendly
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718.
(Posted 24/06/2020) 


Fun-loving feline Ken is usually up for a comedy caper. He is full of beans and likes to chase his toys around his premises. He is very friendly and confident and enjoys human company although he can be a bit cheeky with other cats (not aggressive just cheeky). He's just a young chap, approx 2 years old and has been vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped. He is looking for a loving, non-smoking home with a safe garden away from busy roads.
Please call Sarah on 07963 694112 if you would like to discuss homing him.
(Posted 11/07/2020) 

 Coco and Marmite
Coco and Marmite are about 3 years old.  They have been living as house cats, however the previous owner said Marmite kept escaping and certainly enjoys sitting outside so now needs to have access to a garden. They have lived quite a sheltered life so although very friendly can come across a little shy. They would like home together not near a busy road as neither will be road savvy.
For more information please call Jenny on 07552 706668.
(Posted 27/07/2020)

Patience is a virtue and Ca.14 month old Ruby absolutely embodies this proverb. When Ruby first arrived, she was paralysed with fear and would hide in the most awkward of spots. It is hard to think that was only 7 weeks ago as now I cannot go anywhere without my little guard cat there. Ruby is the sweetest, most gentle, beautiful, demanding, and entertaining cat I have ever looked after. It has been an absolute honour getting to know her and witness her transformation.
Needs: Love, strokes, and grooming. She absolutely loves her tummy being played with and will roll onto her back and all manner of positions. Get a hair comb, put a movie on and you will have the happiest little Ruby ever. Warning: Ruby gets so into this, that she forgets her surroundings and has rolled off the bed / sofa many times!
Loves: Dreamies! Ruby is an absolute addict for these treats so recommend buying a pack if you want to accelerate her settling in period.
Likes: Laser beam adventures, traditional string and occasionally feather toy with bell.
Ideal Home: One or two adult household (no children) with garden in a quiet area.  Ruby will need an experienced cat owner to help her settle down in her new home and once you have earned her trust, you will have the most loyal best friend. She has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.  Ruby looks forward to her new forever home with new humans to love.
Please call Jean on 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 30/07/2020)

Preston enjoys head scratches and strokes. He is very sweet, still a bit cautious but given a little time will become a lap loving chap.
For more information call Barbara on 07387 100718.
(Posted 30/07/2020)

Harry is a super friendly chap of around 18 months to 2 years old. He is very talkative and a lovely gentle nature. Found as an un-neutered stray and now neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped he is ready to go to his for ever home. Harry has a very amenable character so would suit most homes and would be happy with children in a family situation as well as adults only. We are looking for a safe road with a garden for Harry.
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 07/08/2020)

Socks is a delightful little female.  She loves to have lots of attention. We are currently awaiting more information about her so this will follow.  She was handed into our care as her owner could no longer keep her due to an elderly mother who was in danger of falling over her.  Socks has settled into her foster home very well after an initial bit of hiding but is now out and demanding attention.  Socks has been speyed.  We believe she would be best homed in an adult only home.  Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 07/08/2020)



Lovely friendly chap Wilf is around 18 months to two years old. He came into our care after he was found living as an un-neutered stray. He has now been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and is ready to go to his forever home.  He is a lovely cat who would be best placed with an experienced adult home.  He will need a garden on a safe road.
Please phone Jackie on 07511 897012.
(Posted 07/08/2020)

  Charlie and Chloe
Charlie and Chloe are affectionate, playful and love a cuddle. They are seeking a home together as house cats although a suitable house with a secure garden could be considered. They need regular grooming. They are neutered and micro-chipped.
Charlie is a bright friendly boy wrapped in a fluffy white ball. He needs people company and close care as he is deaf. He is about 3 1/2 years old.
Chloe loves to engage with people. She enjoys her long white fur brushed. She is Charlie's younger step sister aged about 3.
Call Peggy on 01737 842547 or 07880 911461.
(Posted 07/08/2020)


*** We may currently have other cats waiting to go on the website - please call Barbara on 07387 100718 for more information ***