Cats needing a home

How to adopt a Cat from CAS

If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, you must contact the fosterer, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, whose telephone number appears with the cats details. Please DO NOT send emails.

Please note we generally do not home cats to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are cats or kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our cats and kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a cat or kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available. 

Mitsy, 8 years old, is very small and gentle with a sweet nature. She would prefer a home without other pets or young children. She has been an indoor cat but has ventured out into the garden with her former owner.
Please call Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 08/01/2018) 

Big lad Alfred is a gentle soul who would love a forever home now that his wandering days are over.  As a stray he had managed to locate a few feeding stations and even managed to get a turkey dinner over Christmas with a kind lady.  Now, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped, he is ready to settle down in his very own home and swap the cold street for a warm bed and a cosy fire.
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119
(Posted 21/01/2018)


Hello, my name is Raven. I have lived on the streets for most of my early life so I do find it hard to trust people and can be quite temperamental and lash out without warning, I am a female neutered cat approximately 4 years old. 

I will need a special home as I don't really like cuddling too much unless its on my terms however, I will do anything for food! I love to explore outside so to ensure I'm happy I will need a garden. I'm not a massive fan of other animals or children but I would love a new owner that will have patience with me and provide me with a safe, understanding home.

If you would love to make me your forever companion please contact Allpets Catford Veterinary Surgery on 020 8690 3638 and speak to a Nurse.

(Posted 17/01/2018)

Meet three year old Berry - a handsome boy with cattitude. He can be a lovely and affectionate cat when in the mood but is not afraid to let his fosterer know when he has had enough. Therefore he needs an experienced owner who knows when to give him space and time to allow his loving side to flourish. Poor Berry has been waiting for his forever home for over 8 months! He would be happiest in an adult only home without other pets. He is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Update 08/01/18)

Scottie was rescued as a stray where he had a hard life on the street and came into us with horrific wounds as you can see in the photo.  He is around 2/3 years old so he lost his kitten hood, but since being with us has learning to play again! Scottie has come on in leaps and bounds since arriving and is now an extremely loving, gentle cat and would make a great family pet ideally in a home with a garden.  He even jumps into his basket when asked to if he needs to travel anywhere!  He doesn't seem keen on other cats so would need to be the only cat in the house.  He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Please call Jackie on 07511 897012
(Posted 12/06/17 & updated 13/09/17)

Petal, Blossom, Poppy & Heidi
A Mum (dark tortie) and her three babies which are all surprisingly girls!  These were all living outdoors fending for themselves and so were not used to people at all when they came to us.  They are slowly learning how to interact with people and are coming on well.  We would like to home them in pairs, and they will need owners who are used to nervous cats or are willing to be very patient with them.  They could be indoor cats, are used to other cats and also dogs and rabbits!
Please call Sally on 020 8642 7108.
(Posted 04/07/17)

Rosa was living rough in Brixton on a busy road fending for themselves.  Rosa had a smaller litter of kittens with her which sadly were taken by seagulls, although we managed to save one, along with her older son Ralph.  Both kittens have now been rehomed leaving Rosa on her own, and due to her trauma of living and raising kittens outdoors she is still very nervous.  She would make good a garden cat for someone that doesn't mind her cautiousness, or could be a flat cat for an experienced cat owner who can spend the time socialising her on her own time. 
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 15/09/17) 

Jake and Elwood
 Jake and Elwood came to us when they were just 10 weeks old and living outside with their stray mum. Although they were a  nervous due to little human contact they soon gained in confidence and now at 6 months old they love cuddles and kisses from their foster carer. They are full of fun and Jake is quite the acrobat ! When they aren't playing chase or rolling about play fighting they enjoy human company and plenty of sleep. Both like the company of other cats so would be great companions to any friendly resident cats. We would prefer to keep them together but may consider separate homes. Both boys are shy at first meeting but are gentle and soon come round, purring loudly!
They have been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please call Jo on 07854 918571
(Posted 15/11/17)

Gordon is an older black and white boy that was living as a stray in one of out volunteers garden.  He was starving and very thin when he came into us and is starting to put on weight and enjoy the comforts of a warm bed and regular meals.  He is very friendly and affectionate and would love a home of his own to settle down in.
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 22/12/17) 
Max & Monty
Max & Monty are two brothers around 18 months - 2 years old who came in together after their owner could no longer to keep them.  They are a lovely pair, always cuddling up and playing together and also love lots of attention and fusses too.  Ideally we are looking for a home for them together in a quiet road with a garden.
Please call Barbara on 07387 100718
(Posted 29/12/17)

Fuzzy diva, Phoebe, is excellent company and rarely runs out of conversation. She is very affectionate and does love a cuddle and a game with a bit of string or some-such . She has an extravagant  fluffy coat fringed with silver which suits her theatrical personality. She seeks a loving home with a safe garden away from busy roads in which she can blend in with the flora. She's about 4 years old and has been vaccinated and micro-chipped.
If you'd like to meet her please call her agent, Anna, on 07790 3371119.
(Posted 18/01/2018)
This lovely friendly cat was left behind by her previous owners when they moved.  She is playful and good natured and has been used to living with other cats. Pickle is 3 1/2 years old and has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119
(Posted 18/01/2018)



Milo is a lovely relaxed and friendly cat. He is used to other cats a dog and children. He is very easy going and will settle into a home as if he’s always lived there. He is 3 years old, quite petite size wise, very playful and very cheeky.  He has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. 
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119
(Posted 18/01/2018)


This very relaxed and friendly female cat is a pure delight.  She was found wandering and trying to get into someone's home. Attempts to discover an owner have so far not met with success. She is probably around 8 years of age. Lovely and cuddly she is no trouble. Doesn’t appear to mind other cats.
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 18/01/2018)