Cats needing a home

How to adopt a Cat from CAS

If you see a cat that you would like to adopt, you must contact the fosterer, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, whose telephone number appears with the cats details. Please DO NOT send emails.

Please note we generally do not home cats to flats as we feel they should have the opportunity to safely explore outdoors and in a garden, feeling free to come and go through a cat flap. However, we can make exceptions to this if there are cats or kittens that need an indoor home because it is in their best interest, and this will be noted in their descriptions. We always make any physical and behavioural assessments we need using fully qualified professionals to decide on the best home for our cats and kittens based on their individual needs, and for some, indoor homes may only be needed short term.  If you can offer an indoor home for a cat or kitten, please call us to discuss the animals we have available. 

Cats and dogs adopted from Croydon Animal Samaritans come with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance - whatever their age!


We can also accept online cash and food / equipment donations via our Facebook Page ***  

Rufus, an older chap estimated to be about 12 years of age, and a gentle soul desires little more than a stroke, his dinner and lots of love. Would probably suit an older couple or single person. Will make a great companion and could possibly get on with another friendly cat - currently living, and seems happy, with a 1 year old.  He would like a home on a safe road with a secure garden.  He has been neutered and micro-chipped and will have first vaccination in the coming week.  
Please call Jaki on 07511 897012.
(Posted 26/09/2020)


Gus, Snowy & Misty




Gus, Snowy and Misty are cats rescued from an outdoor colony in Tooting that were being fed by a local resident.  Big Gus (tabby boy) is likely to be the dad of many cats in the colony and is around 4 years old.  Snowy (black and white boy) and Misty (tabby and white girl) are brother and sister and are almost a year old.   They are all quite timid at the moment but are making great progress with their fosterer and helpers every day, and are starting to enjoy strokes and treats.  Being colony cats they have a very strong bond and like to spend most of their time together.  We are looking for a caring and patient indoor home for Gus and Snowy together as they are both FIV+.  They have been neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated.  Misty is FIV- and we are hoping to pair her up with another cat from her colony for rehoming together (more details to follow).  She has been neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated.


Please call Rosemary on 01737 350307 for more information.


(Posted 13/10/20)


Ebony and Emily 


Ebony (tortishell) and Emily (black) are a mother daughter pair that are currently looking for their forever home together. They both arrived into our care a few weeks ago after they were found living behind a parade of shops. They were both placed into a foster home on intake and have quickly made themselves at home. They both enjoy running around the kitchen chasing toys, before falling asleep on top of one another when they are tired. Emily suffers from a condition known as Pectus excavatum. This means her sternum is slightly shorter than that of a normal cat. Thankfully this doesn't, limit her in any way and she is still able to act and play like a normal kitten. Both cats have been micro-chipped and vaccinated. Ebony has also been spayed. They are looking for a home on a safe road with a garden, away from busy roads, which they can explore when Emily is older and neutered. They are looking for a home without young children. 

Please call Rees on 07909 631751

(Posted 13/10/20)

Ollie & Kitty




Ollie and Kitty are 1 year old brother and sister looking for their forever home. When they first came to us they were quite nervous and so was placed into a foster home, they have since come a long way and are very loving once they get to know you. They can still be a bit jumpy with loud noises and so are looking for a home with no children and as little traffic as possible. They would need a secure garden on a safe quiet road. If you would like to offer Ollie and Kitty a home phone Jackie on 07511897012.

(Posted 18/10/2020) 

Didi is a young playful cat with a glossy smooth coat.  She is affectionate, loves a fuss to be made of her and has become a firm favourite with her foster family.  Didi enjoys exploring the garden outside but doesn’t wander very far, and it’s entertaining to watch her hurtle across the garden at a rate of knots chasing a squirrel.  She is a natural born gymnastic and shows off her moves when trying to catch flies.  At the end of an active day, Didi waits patiently next to the kitchen cupboard for dinner to be served before curling up in one of her favourite sleeping spots.  Please call Liz on 01883 348256 or text 07503 171256 to find out more
(Posted 19/10/2020) 

Brenda is a gorgeous almost 2 year old cat looking for her forever home. She has been neutered, micro-chipped and has started her vaccinations. She is looking for a quiet road with a secure garden. She doesn't like other animals and is so looking for a home where she is the only pet. She would prefer to have a adult only home. She will need to be kept inside for at least 6 weeks to get used to the place before she is let out.
If you would like to offer Brenda a home phone Jackie on 07511 897012.
(Posted 21/10/2020)


Reuben is a  2 year old black cat. He came in as a stray and is now looking for a comfy forever home. He is timid with new people in the chalet but does like head strokes. He is looking for a home on a safe road with a garden. He will need a adult only home as doesn't like loud noise. If you can offer Reuben a forever home then phone Barbara on 07387100718.

(Posted 27/10/2020)

Hattie is a lovely older female who is looking for her forever home. She would prefer to be the only pet and would love a garden for the occasional bit of sunbathing/fresh air. An adult home with one or two humans would be ideal for her. Hattie is in good health and has seen the vet has been spayed and microchipped.
Please phone Jean on 020 8777 3065.
(Posted 27/10/2020)

Midnight, about 2 years old, had to be given up by her owner.  She is a very friendly sweet natured girl but is not over keen on other cats, so will need to be the only cat in the household.
For more information please call Jenny on 07552 706668
(Posted 27/10/2020)

Mona is a lovely gentle little cat who loves her food and a cosy bed. She is no trouble at all the ideal companion. We believe Mona is around 3 years old has been spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She will need a home with a garden on a quiet road.
Please phone Anna on 07790 337119.
(Posted 27/10/2020)